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aha i have updated

2012-03-10 19:17:45 by uberclown

like anyone cares... ah well

need new title....

2011-04-15 12:51:29 by uberclown

ok heres the next part not finished yet and im trying out the "formal way" of typing a story.

Kira was calmly jogging after the bus that Eiji had gotten on. She was thinking why had she bothered to save Eiji from Ayama. She wanted to believe that she did it so Ayama didn't succeed but that wasn't it... suddenly an explosion broke her away from her thoughts, she looked ahead, about two blocks, and saw the back of the bus blown out and inside was Dementio. Suddenly a powerful strike of fear overcame Kira which completely paralyzed her, she ignored all of the people running away and stood there just staring at the clown that was two blocks away. Another explosion went off and she snapped out of it. She looked around to see if she could find Eiji, she saw him run around the corner of the street ahead and went after him. As she turned the corner she saw Eiji sitting on the side walk and Ayama laying on the ground unconscious, "Eiji!" she runs up to him, "What happened?" Eiji looks up at her. "I ran into her and I guess I knocked her out..." From behind them they could hear other explosions going off as Dementio continued his massacre. "We have to get out of here now before he spots us!" said Kira while grabbing Eiji's arm and picking him up, Eiji looked down at Ayama, "what about her? we cant just leave her here" Kira quickly bent down and picked up Ayama like she was nothing, "come on lets go!" The two ran from the area and at the same time a group of police cruisers passed by with their sirens wailing and flashing lights, they stopped in front of Dementio got out of their cars and, while hiding behind their bullet proof doors, began to yell orders at the psychotic clown. (WIP)

hope you like how its going XD and soad thanks for readin my stories hope someone else reads them too,


2010-10-27 20:20:59 by uberclown

ok peoples heres the seventh part! those who read it plz leave a comment.

In the past, Eiji is on his way to school, he was walking quietly down a crowded street where people don't even give you a second glance if they bump into you, while listening to music full blast, he made it to a corner where a bus would stop and pick people up, there he waited for the next bus to come by. Meanwhile a few feet behind Eiji stood Ayama just staring at Eiji. Her expression looked like she was having an internal battle and was having a very hard time making a decision.
Ayama: no I can't!
Oh but you can! It'll be easy. Just go over there and push him.
No! you know as well as I do he can't die we just need to befriend him and find a way to kill him later on.
The other voice stops talking for a moment.
You do know that he's with that weapon assassin right?
What!?!?! he's with her!?!?
Yes, she is living in the same apartment with him.
Oh that damn bitch always looking for her next fuck buddy. Well this time she won't have this one.
Ayama slowly walks behind Eiji.
Ayama: If I can't have her no one can!
she gets ready to push him when she suddenly feels something poke her back. She Turns her head and sees it's Kira herself wearing a thin black coat with red skulls and guns dotting it and in her right pocket saw a shape which she guessed was one of Kira's many weapons.
Kira: you better not!
Ayama: how did you...
Kira: I know you well enough to know what you were planning to do.
Ayama: don't tell me you were following Eiji as well?
Kira: yes... and right now I don't want you to give me away so just back away from him and get out of my sight.
Ayama, very reluctantly, did what she was told and left. Kira on the other hand backed up and blended with the crowd.
Later on While Eiji was riding the public bus to his school, a man in a trench coat got on the bus, but what was more peculiar about the man was that he had makeup on like a clown, he had short spiky hair that was colored red at the tips, eye brows that were painted to look spiky, a typical big red nose, and red paint on his lips that made him look like he was always smiling, all that and the fact that he seemed to be almost seven feet tall.
Clown: LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!!! LET ME HAVE YOUR ATTENTION!!! I am Dementio the Clown!!! And I am going to show you a magic trick!
He rolls up his jacket sleeves.
Dementio: As you can see I have nothing up my sleeves!
He then claps his gloved hands together and sparks fly everywhere and on his hands appear three fire balls. He holds them up for everyone to see and he begins to juggle them. Everyone on the bus is completely mesmerized by this, even Eiji took out one of the headphones, but nobody notices the fire balls were getting bigger or Dementio's evil smile.
Dementio: Ladies and gentlemen what I am doing is extremely dangerous and I advise you not try it yourselves, heheheheh, here let me show you why!
He suddenly throws one of the fireballs at a man sitting right next to Eiji, the ball, which by now was the size of a soccer ball, hits the man on the chest and explodes leaving only a bloody splatter where he was once sitting. Eiji sits there completely stunned at what he just saw.
Dementio: That's why.
And just like that everyone panics and start making a mad dash to the exits.
Dementio: awww...everyone used to clap for that one... oh well. Lets try it again!
Dementio threw another one of his fireballs, and this one grew to the size of a watermelon, at Eiji but he jumps out of the way and gets off the bus. The explosion was large enough to destroy the back of the bus. Eiji runs from the bus along with the other panicked people, he looks back and sees the clown continue to throw fireballs at the rest of the crowd.
Eiji: Another assassin!?!?!
As Eiji is running he turns a corner and crashes into another person, head butting each other in the process.
Eiji: OW! That freaking hurt!!!
He looks up and sees Ayama unconscious on the ground.
Eiji: Holy crap!!! -crawls next to her- I knocked out an assassin!
Female voice: That dumbass never pays attention to where she's going!
All of a sudden Eiji is grabbed by his hair and stood up. He's turned around and sees that Ayama is the one who picked him up.
Eiji: OW! What the fuck? How...? But your laying right there?
Other Ayama: what the hell are you talking a...bout...
The other Ayama looks down and sees herself lying on the ground unconscious. She lets go of Eiji and looks at herself.
Other Ayama: But... -she starts to feel herself- how did I... -she gropes herself- get out here...? She gets closer to her other self and touches her face. Suddenly a bright light shines from her, which blinds Eiji, and then she disappears.

hope you liked it. XD next part comin soon


2010-09-24 22:04:21 by uberclown

Yeah i took too long to post this new one sorry...plz enjoy.

A man in a trench coat is seen running through an alley in complete panic. As he's running he kicks up a news paper that show the date to be 2017.
Man: holy shit I can't believe he killed all of my men without even trying!!!! (he stops running and is leaning on the corner of a brick wall looking down the alley he just came running from) Did I loose him?
Other voice from behind the man: I wouldn't count on it!
The man slowly turned his head towards the source of the voice.
He sees the man that had killed all of his men (200 in total) the man that he knew all too well.
Man: Dementio!!! I-I-I didn't know it was you...
Dementio: oh really? *shows a wicked smile Well now that you know its me you can finally tell me something I've been meaning to ask you.
Man: and uh... what would that be?
Dimitrius: I need you to tell me where Kira is.
Man: and what makes you think that I would know.
Dementio: Because you are a very reliable source or so I've heard. So are you gonna tell me what I need to know or are you gonna disappoint me?
Man: oh yeah sure let me just get the hologram... *the man reaches into his coat pocket but instead of a hologram he pulls out a shotgun! Die you bastard!!!
This catches Dementio completely off guard.
Dementio: woah the fu-
He didn't finish his sentence because his head gets completely blown off.
Man: ha! So much for the legendary Dementio the assassin clown!!! Ha hah ha ha ha!
Along with the man's laughter another one could be heard from behind him
???: heh heh heh heh heh hih hih hih ha ha ha hah aha hah!!!!
The man turns around to see Dementio standing behind him laughing as well.
Man: but I-you were-I just-
He turns and sees Dementio's decapitated body still lying in front of him.
Man: how???
Dementio: how what? *smirks oh you mean how I'm still alive? That would probably take more time to explain than I would like to waste. So about that info?
Man: me just *pulls out the actual hologram
Dementio snags the hologram from the man.
Dementio: thanks. He starts walking away but after a few steps he stops and looks back. Oh and one more thing...give me your jacket.
Man: what?
Suddenly Dementio raises his hand, which makes the man flinch, and snaps his finger. And the man's jacket disappears from him and appears on Dementio's hand.
Dementio: thanks and you should go to a doctor about that severe head wound, I think it could be fatal. Heh heh heh.
Man: what are you talkin-
Suddenly the man's head explodes just like Dementio's head and his body lands where Dementio's body had landed but now was replaced by the man's own body.

Dementio: Now lets see where she's at...
Dementio reads the hologram and finds out that Kira is in the past trying to finish her last mission before becoming a fully licensed assassin.
Dementio: hmm... I guess she's failed since I haven't heard anything about her being promoted or anything... I guess I'm supposed to stop her. He then notices who her target is. oh its him! *grins Very well then!
He quickly puts on the newly acquired trench coat, throws away the hologram pad, and continues walking away.
Let's see how much fun I have!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHEHSHAHA!!!

Again sorry for taking so long and expect the next one soon i promise.

need motivation...

2010-08-21 21:12:41 by uberclown

i feel completely unmotivated to draw...
what do u guys do to motivate yourselves?

heres another

2010-08-18 14:55:56 by uberclown

if there are metal slug fans plz dont be offended.

heres another

hentai pics

2010-08-18 14:47:15 by uberclown

those who read my stories plz wait a little longer im trying to decide between two ideas that i have...
in the mean time tell what u think about these drawings that i made. XD

hentai pics

secret distraction method #488

2010-08-03 23:25:07 by uberclown

my story will be done soon so i hope ur liking my story so far!

secret distraction method #488


2010-07-18 13:03:21 by uberclown

punt kicking chihuahuas is fun!!! XD
heres the fifth story enjoy!

After a few minutes Eiji sits up and looks around, he sees Kira reading a gun magazine.
Kira: wow! I thought I would never see this model assault rifle! XD Oh, you finally woke up?
Eiji: what happened?
Kira: not just blew your freakin brains out! Why did you do that? *in small voice scared the crap out of me...
Eiji: *too busy to hear the last part hmm...I don't know what came over me I just felt like killing myself.
Kira: *puts down the magazine do you still feel the same way?
Eiji: no not anymore and I don't even know why I wanted to kill myself for.
Kira: this could be bad...
Eiji: why?
Kira: I hope I'm wrong but I think it was an assassination attempt that just happened
Eiji: assassination attempt? How?
Kira: it must have been J.
Eiji: who's J?
Kira: he's a very dangerous assassin that probably wants to kill you.
Eiji: another assassin is trying to kill me? Why?
Kira: probably had an offer he couldn't refuse from his contractor.
Eiji: so does that mean you were here to kill me because someone sent you?
Kira: yes, but that doesn't matter right now. What we should worry about is why J is here and who is the one that sent him and hope other assassins aren't going to be sent.
Eiji: there's more!?
Kira pulls out a metallic rectangle the size of a pen and hands it to Eiji.
Eiji: another holographic screen?
Kira: yes this one has most of the info of the assassins in training and fully licensed assassins.
Eiji: hmm...
He pushes a button on the side of the hologram and a blue light screen pops up. The screen shows a picture and a name. He reads through the names and pictures but doesn't recognize any of them, then he sees Ayama's picture.
Eiji: Hey I've seen her before! She's an assassin?
Kira gets behind him and leans on him which makes her boobs press up against him and almost made Eiji drop the hologram, but he kept his cool...barely.
Kira: really?
Eiji: um...y-yeah.
Kira: when? Where? What happened?
Eiji: order. While I was eating lunch. Outside a restaurant. And she kinda pushed me in front of a steamroller, by...accident.
As Eiji was saying this he had opened Ayama's file and sees her title name is accident assassin.
Eiji: Accident assassin? What's that mean?
Kira: should I explain this...there are a lot of assassins and each one has his own way of killing. Like Ayama she's an accident assassin which means all of kills look like they died by accident.
Eiji: convenient
Kira: very. Then there's me. I'm categorized as a weapon assassin.
Eiji: in other words a gun nut. Ha ha ha ha...
Kira pulls out duct tape seemingly out of nowhere and tapes Eiji's mouth shut.
Kira: as I was saying...I'm a weapon assassin which is a typical kind of assassin and not only are we categorized like that but we are also categorized with numbers too.
Eiji struggles to take off the tape.
Kira: The numbers go from one to ten, the lower the number the more dangerous the person is. Kira then pins Eiji down and rips off the tape.
Eiji: ow, ow, ow, owww.!!!
Kira: were you listening!?
Eiji: yes!
Kira: don't back talk me!
Eiji: can you get off me now.
Kira stands up and sits on her bed and holds her teddy bear.
Kira: As I was saying. The lower the number the more dangerous the person.
Eiji: so if you're an eight, then does that mean your not very dangerous? Cuz I think you need a lower number.
Kira: yes I know I've been trying to get H.Q. to lower my number but that will only happen if I discover my hidden talent.
Eiji: hidden talent?
Kira: some of the licensed assassins have special abilities that make them more dangerous than other assassins. Its all in that hologram. You can borrow it but I want it back in the morning ok.
*yawns. Now can you leave so I can change and go to sleep?
Eiji: oh right ok.
Eiji walks out the door.
Eiji: goodnight.
Kira: night.
Eiji enters his room and sits on his bed. He then continues to look through some other assassin names. He finds Kira's and opens her file. It read: Kira Rin, weapon assassin level 8, 5 ft. 5 in., blood type AB+, only one family member; deceased. 50 successful hits, with only minor collateral damage. Favorite weapon: twin revolvers. Weapon of choice: wide variety of weapons. Special ability: undiscovered.
Eiji: hmm... (minor collateral damage? Yeah right!) what else we got?
Eiji reopens Ayama's file and continues reading.
Ayama Sasaki, accident assassin level 7, 5ft 10in, blood type O, no known family members. 100 successful hits, with minimal collateral damage. Weapon of choice: anything she can find. Special ability: undiscovered.
Eiji: wow! She's stronger than Kira?
Eiji looks up from the hologram and sees the time.
Eiji: 1 in the morning...what day is it...? Sunday...ah crap school tomorrow.
Eiji turns off the hologram and sets it next to his alarm clock.
A few hours pass and the hologram starts beeping Eiji still half asleep reaches out without looking and knocks over the hologram which turns it on, Eiji then goes back to sleep. On the hologram a message appears and reads: KIRA URGENT!!! LEVEL 1 ASSASSIN HAS BEEN SENT! PLEASE BE CAREFUL. -Jake. THIS MESSAGE WILL BE DELETED FOR SECURITY MESURES. Then the hologram turns off.

hope you liked it^^ plz comment.

beware for the ninjas are crafty! >.>

look at this while i finish my next story.